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What is PCB Design?

Printed circuit board (PCB) design brings your electric circuits to life in the dimensional form. By means of layout software, the PCB design process links component placement and routing to determine electrical network on a assembled circuit board.

PCB Design Process:


The PCB design process starts by converting a abstract diagram into a real-time circuit board layout. Further, it also tests your problem solving skills by embedding components within the bounds of a tightly constrained space.




The PCB routing process is equally an art and a science. With the help of physical wires, you’ll establish electro connectivity between components on a PCB framework. No two circuitry is identical, the routing is what makes your pattern unique.


Essentially all the electronics pattern exists within a mechanical product. Integration by way of ECAD-MCAD results in enhanced productivity while ensuring a robust programming and reduction in costs.

PCB with Asokumar Technologies and Services:

Asokumar Technologies and Services offers high-efficiency PCB Layout services using upscale software programs accomplished by trend-setting hardware. Our techniques encompass the complete electronic design flow from the beginning to the end involving Diagrammatic Capture, data base construction and validation, Cad Library development and  Signal Integrity Analysis.

Our designing team has the deep insight and great emphasis on quality to undertake projects of any size and complexities. We appreciate the importance of quality service to our customers  and our endeavor is for an excellent value addition by seamless integration of the efforts of your engineering team. Our proficiency is highly complicated, rules driven patterns empower us to assist your engineers in transforming their electrical representations into a physical PCB layout that can be fabricated, produced, and examined efficiently.


PCB Layout Service

  1. Single surface to 16+ Layers.

  2. 3D PCB Layout.

  3. SMT, Through Hole, and Mixed Technology.

  4. Audio and High Standard PCB Layout.

  5. Trace and Space down to 4mils.

  6. Analog, Digital, and Mixed Signal Designs .

  7. Autorouting and Hand routing practiced.

  8. Differential and Controlled Impedance .

  9. Rules Driven PCB Layout Designs .

  10. Length Tuning.

  11. Fast Turn Times.

  12. Design for Test and Manufacturing (DFT/DFM) .

  13. Blind & Buried vias, Micro Via, and Micro BGA.

  14. Complete Documentation Package.


Data required From Client

  1. Dimension of PCB (drawing preferred).

  2. Specific Cutouts or shapes Location of Mounting Holes.

  3. Height Constraints.

  4. Special Component Libraries.

  5. Desired range of Layers.

  6. Critical traces or High current traces.

  7. Schematic or Net lists.

  8. Logo, Details if any needed on board.

  9. Exclusive notes or descriptions.


Our Deliverables

  1. Fabrication diagram (.pdf ).

  2. Assembly diagram (.pdf ).

  3. Entire Project Database (Multiple formats).

  4. Gerber & NC Drill data (Multiple formats).

  5. Net list (Multiple formats).

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